Events & Executive Productions

Events & Executive Productions

"There's no business like show business and we do it right!"


Are you looking for someone with a special ability to produce your event, your TV or your multimedia project? Here it is! All our experience is at your disposal. Our skills formed over years of work all over the world: we have produced shows in Moscow, Budapest, Paris, Monte Carlo, Rome, Stockholm, Venice!

Do you want to seat 1,200 people on a floating island to attend a water show in front of them? Or would you like the show itself be on a floating stage?
Do you want to see a highwire performance with motorcycles running at sixty feet above the ground? Could you be interested in a vertical dance on the walls of a lighthouse? Or in an aerial troupe of twenty foolish artists suspended from a crane seventy meters high performing a breathtaking choreography?
Is it not enough to convince you yet? Watch the scene and then breathe deeply: we still have something to tell you!


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All you have just seen is the result, the magic, the perfect show. Its easiness is brought to you by our hard production work and great organization talent.
This is our specialty: the ability, within a given project, to turn it into a production project which is only to be executed. Relax, we do not work only on astonishing projects but also on simpler productions and in both cases we work with attention to details, to aim for a superb result.

The first step is to study a project´s feasibility. Its outcome will define different budgets for different goals. It means being able to go in depth, taking into account every detail, all aspects and production issues without even getting up from the desk! It means you can focus your efforts and your investments to maximize the result. Our team of companies and professionals are ready to focus on your project in order to offer the best solutions both from the artistic and the technical point of view.

C.A.L.M.: Create, Analyze, be Liable and Make it happen: that’s our working philosophy

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