Magic Street

Magic Street



You can now travel with us!
Italy – travellers paradise – now ready to host you in a 3D Alice-in-Wonderland like journey.
Discover the beautiful Magic show settings in Sicily and Rome.
What better than a bewitched wood with secular trees to assist magicians at their witchcraft?
Imagine the evocative atmosphere of a historical museum as background for illusionism.
The trompe l’oeil frescos of a Renaissance castle to add magic to the magic.

More than 40 Magic world stars to perform in this festival. All kind of disciplines: escapology, magic with doves and cards, big illusions, mentalism, children’s magic, fakirism and more. Great magicians taking you to the enchanted world of Magic Street: you’ve never been so close to the secrets of magic.
Be ready to be entertained, scared, bewildered and involved in the 3D Magic show!

Amazing cast, ranging from successful professionals of the international scene as Francesco Scimemi, Eleonora Princess of Magic and Magician Alex up to new numbers just released by major schools and already of extraordinary level as Andres or Navas…and not forgetting other specialties as the Disguido.

Available editions:

9 x 30' 3D Full HD Edition
9 x 30' 2D Full HD Edition