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12th Circo Massimo


12th Circo Massimo


Production October – December 2013


Finzioni Entertainment is proud to present the 12th edition of Circo Massimo. An event especially designed for Television. Extraordinary lighting to illuminate the set of camera 4K Red shooting. The cast is selected according to high standard criteria. It includes all performance genres and styles. Casted acts represent the world's various circus traditions and schools. In other words: from acrobatics to tiger acts, from juggling and avant-garde aerial silks to sea lion gags, from great illusion to music clowns - Circo Massimo has it all! The 12th Circo Massimo is structured in 4 episodes of 90', 6 episodes of 52' or 12 episodes of 24'.
We are ready to customize duration and number of episodes along broadcasters´ needs. Thanks to our flexibility, the show is both a perfect prime-time and a kids entertainment program.


Shooting will take place in Rome, Italy, October/December 2013. The cast will be composed of about 72 acts. The episode structure follows this formula: each circus act lasts an average 4 to 8 minutes. We usually divide the acts into different categories and mix and match “ingredients” to a perfectly balanced show cocktail. A typical 90' episode could follow this recipe:

3 animal acts
4 clown / comedy acts
2 troupe performances
1 magic / illusion act
3 trio or duo acts
5 performances by outstanding soloists

Thus, a 90' episode consists of about 18 acts. All circus performers are invited to participate in rehearsal and shooting. Cast will be defined by the end of October 2013. Upon definition we will be able to provide our clients with video and act infos such as biographies of each artist's, performance genre and special tricks. During the production itself we will follow two lines of action: acts shooting and customized shooting of the participating broadcasters.

Production Plan

Wednesday October 30 - Sunday November 3: Shooting of 25 Acts
Wednesday November 13 - Sunday November 17: Shooting of 25 Acts
Wednesday December 4 - Sunday 8 December: Shooting of 25 Acts


12th Circo Massimo is available in 3D!. It is just natural to associate 3D experience to circus performance. No other action makes a better use of stage space: acrobats are flying in the arena, jugglers are throwing their clubs up to the sky, tigers are jumping through the fire ring.
Our goal is to make circus a real experience, accessible to our viewers in movie theatres and at home.
Meeting comfort standards of human perception is a great challenge. Both technical and artistic 3D grammar need to be declined properly.
What is the right method for the best result?
After our experience in other productions we developed a plan for the 12th Circo Massimo production, that is ready to give space to all procedures needed to rich our target.

3D Circo Massimo will represent a true full immersion experience for the audience. Animals will roar in your living room, you'll feel like walking on a tightrope yourself or flying through the circus sky performing a triple somersault - a new dimension, you should not miss!




12th Circo Massimo

Volume: 04 x 90' - 18 Acts (19 customized presentations) or
06 x 52'
12 x 24'

Cast Total No. of Acts:

˜ 72

Cast Closing Date:

October 15, 2013

Production Period:

October - December 2013


4K: 4 cameras 5K Red (shooting 4K definition)
(Each will be shot 4 times changing the positions of the cameras)

3D: original 3D shooting with 3 jimmy jib combined

HD: 7 cameras including one central-vertical camera beneath the roof and one 11meters jib.

Tent: 36 x 36 m, manege with 500 pax audience, projection area on main artist/host entrance

Customization Package:

Pre-Production upon cast closing: delivery of cast info & video, episodes & hosting schedule, production plan

Production: - co-ordination of host rehearsals & shooting
- co-ordination with artists
- make up & dressing room
- technical equipment

Presentations include: - broadcaster logo projection on scene
- presentations center stage with audience
- presentations interacting with artists
- host interviews broadcaster's guests
- presentations host sitting in the audience
- presentations backstage interviewing artist

Editing: show editing including presentations under client's approval. Voice-over registration delivery of master tapes, fotos, music list & schedules


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