Productions & Co-Productions




Every year we produce between six and twelve hours of new products. To build a product from scratch means identifying a suitable location being a chapiteau, a television studio or open air location, maybe a stable circus from somewhere in the world. Designing set and lights, selecting the cast, decide how to shoot and mix everything in a proper production plan. We think that in any phase of the project the interest and the contribution of a co-producer can play an appreciable role to achieve the target.

We proved share revenues co-production to be profitable in many ways. Do you own a terrific location for shooting, state-of-the-art technical facilities or are a talented artist looking for exposure? We offer executive production. Let's put our assets together to make the most of them.

That is why we usually launch our products in advance just to allow any potential partner to have proper time and information to keep in touch with us and discuss about it. Of course, we are happy to get involved in foreign projects - our knowledge and expertise being a true plus!

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