Creating Apps

Design, Production and Distribution of Apps


Many small and medium-sized manufacturers and distributors are keen to penetrate the consumer market but don´t know how. In any case, internet technology is evolving very quickly. Great number of yesterday´s distribution methods are no longer up-to-date.

Often, VOD revenue models let the owners of small libraries go home empty handed. Furtheron, product placement on platforms often is at the sole dicretion of service providers and there is no guarantee for the product visibility.

Nowadays, with Apple, Google, Amazon, Sony and Windows competing for the audiovisual consumer market, apps make it much easier to put your product in the limelight!

Most important: revenues are settled directly with the manufacturer except for the host store percentage, thus making the product advertising strategy fundamental.

Still, it is tricky to get there. First of all, you have to produce an app, then various administrative barriers need to be taken. We mainly deal with video applications from SD to 3D Full HD, and in this regard the stores apply non-homogeneous strategies thus corresponding to different release methods costs too.

We have a deep knowledge of these strategies and are skilled to help consumers to enter the market without worrying about technical or bureaucratic matters, but only shooting for success!


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