Circus Street

Circus Street



Let's take the chance of living in a real Renaissance castle, with circus artists as guides.
Enter a manor welcomed by an intriguing trapeze lady, try not to get hurt by burning knifes in a gipsy fantasy in the court. Ask yourself who is the gentleman spying the acrobatic pirate from behind the wall. Laugh out loudly with the clown servants performance. And finally, let yourself fall in love with the beautiful girl hanging from aerial tissue on the façade balcony.

Great circus entertainers in a completely new setting. It happens only at Circus Street. We have re-invented the circus stage to allow you to be part of it. Like in an adventure novel, artists' acts take place in different locations of the castle, to tell you a story you've never heard before. A magnificent costume drama to drive you back and into history. This extraordinary series offers virtually infinite variations of artists and places.
Circus Street: let you be amazed by this first-time-on-screen experience!

Cast of great stature. Montico family has a leading role with the aerial sequences on tissues and on trapeze of Bianca Montico, the rola rola of Denny Montico and the gypsy fantasies of Bianca, Denny and Redy Montico. Do not miss the contortions with Wendy Weber, the juggling of Sage Macaggi and the Errani family with the funny exploits of their dogs!

Available editions:

3 x 30' 3D Full HD Edition
3 x 30' 2D Full HD Edition