Providing the show with your own host has a series of advantages compared to an off-the-rack product. No one knows your audience better than you do. A host invites your audience to participate, explains difficult tricks - he is your link, your face, makes the event unique and identifies your channel.

In theory any entertainment program can be customized, Finzioni developed a special method in customizing circus programs. First of all the customization requires a good cooperation between all partners in the pre-production phase. We work to provide well in advance the list of the cast documented with videos and information to allow the authors of any television to write the lyrics and the dialogues of their hosts. After that we proceed to shooting according to a specific production plan for customization.


But how could a customization look like?
Based on our co-operation with various broadcasters, we created a hosting package.
To explain the structure of a single episode: each circus act is approx. 4 - 8 minutes long. We usually divide the acts into different categories and mingle these "ingredients" to a perfectly balanced show cocktail. A typical 90' episode could follow this recipe:

3 animal acts
4 clown / comedy acts
2 troupe performances
1 magic / illusion act
3 trio or duo acts
5 performances by outstanding soloists

So, a 90' episode consists of ca. 18 acts. All circus performers are invited to participate in rehearsal and shooting. Let's now illustrate, what could be a vivid combination of presentations and intros:




 Centre of stage with big audience  - opening (1)
 - finale (1)
 - various presentations interacting with artists (3)
 - various presentations with props on stage (3)
 Backstage  - various intros with artists before/after their performance (6)
 Sitting with audience  - various intros / outros (3)
 - various talks with selected audience (2)


A 90' episode contains 19 presentations. The outcome is a truly homemade piece of circus entertainment!

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