New Consumer Brand "OPAO"!

Finzioni Entertainment is now launching its Consumer Brand "OPAO"!
Visit our consumer site We have created our consumer division and soon our full catalogue will be available online.
We have already released Go Circus, An App for Apple Store and Android Google Play.
We have also released 36 Apps for Windows Store, basically each of this App contain an episode of our Catalog: 12 are 3D HD!
We also released for Windows Store a free catalog that allow our consumers clients to surf in the list of available products.
Various Apps for Windows Store and our products will be soon on sale on Google Play, Amazon and of course also on "Opao"!

Coming soon: 12th Circo Massimo will be shot in 4K!

1Amazing: the first Circus show in the world in 4K!
Six episodes of 52' of the best entertainment!

72 Acts
2D 4K
2D Full HD
3D Full HD
6 Episodes of 1 Hour, or 4 Episodes of 90', or 12 Episodes of 26'.
Productions schedule: 24 Acts end of October 2013. 24 Acts November 2013. 24 Acts beginning of December 2013.
See all the details in our section Activities----->Coming Soon!
Do not hesitate to contact us for information about : pre-purchase rights, customizations or co-productions!

9th Circo Massimo Animal Free Edition!

A new edition of the 9th Circo Massimo (9 x 52) has been released and it is animal free!
We are well aware that the acceptance of animal performance varies from country to country. Presenting an animal free edition, our clients may meed their audience special needs!
Provided with Speaker in English and subtitles!

9th Circo Massimo Children Edition!

A new edition of the 9th Circo Massimo (24 x 24') for Children is now available!
Constant feedback from our customers have highlighted the need of programmes not exceeding 30 minutes for afternoon schedule and the like.
That's why we released this new edition tailor-made for circus ideal audience: the children!
24 episodes of hilarious, funny, exiting kids entertainment!
Provided with Speaker in English and subtitles!